Monday, August 10, 2009

The Trip That Almost Wasn't

Tomorrow,  Mark and I leave for our Hot and Sunny Honeymoon. This morning, I decided to start getting things together to pack, starting with my passport.
I really am quite an organized person and at least my personal belongings all have a place.
My Passport is kept in either my purse or a special box in my bedroom. It was not in either.
So, I am thinking, "I used it coming back from my cruise in November, and I vaguely recalled using it as ID for a police Check in March, I must have it in my purse".  Nope still not there. "OK, I changed purses since the cruise, maybe it is in my winter purse"...hours of searching and re-searching every possible place in my bedroom, 2 calls to Mark, the girls trying to help and console me that I could celebrate my Anniversary with them if I couldn't was nowhere.  I stopped for some tea, praying continuously, "Father you know where it is, please show me".

I pulled out furniture, checked Holiday purses, (incase a daughter found it and put it somewhere) and began to really think it had fallen out of my purse....I was getting ILL.

Around 11:30, my Knight came home, ( case you weren't sure), walked into the bedroom and asked me where I had checked and where I remembered having it last.
As soon as I said I thought I might have used it for ID at the police station, he reached up into my closet and pulled out a purse I had totally forgotten "interim" purse. I needed a new Spring purse and couldn't find what I wanted, so I bought one that would work. A month or so later, I found a purse I loved and switched....ALMOST everything.

I cried I was so relieved and my Knight held me and laughed because I never lose anything and he loses EVERYTHING...a few times a day. I had to lie down I was so emotionally really have no idea how sickening this whole thing was for me.
I must have searched for three hours straight and Mark came in and found it in 5 minutes. (Of course, we know it was because Holy Spirit whispered in his ear...THANK YOU both)

So, I will happily finish my packing, (my passport is already secured in it's zippered pouch in my summer purse), and relax a little more as we head to "Resort at Singer Island" in our much loved,  Palm Beach.

PS: Holly, that is Singer as in the sewing machine family.
Karen and Amy, Singer Island is part of Palm Beach right next to the island of Palm Beach where we stayed the first time Mark and I went there. It's a 5 star resort on the ocean and YES, I am spoiled, but you guys know's been a long time coming and we have a lot to be thankful for and have learned the hard way you can never invest too much in each other.

ONE MORE SLEEP....tomorrow night I will fall asleep listening to my beloved ocean, (if it's not too hot).


Holly said...

I know that you will enjoy each moment. Make more sweet memories with your Knight! : )
I am so happy for you.

Amy said...

Oh wow.
Have so much fun.

Can't wait for the pics!

Maureen said...

Happy Anniversary
Have a wonderful time.

Shari said...

I couldn't find my passport for our last trip... and then Kev magically pulled it of his briefcase. Apparently I handed it to him on our return flight from Indiana in May... who knew?!

Have a wonderful trip with your "Knight"!!

Rhonda said...

I can't wait to hear all about your romantic getaway. I can just imagine how you must have felt about the passport - my hubby looks after mine, otherwise...